Monterrey Software Quality Assurance Association - Program
   Monterrey Software Quality
      Assurance Association
         (MSQAA) - Program


  • To promote the disciplines and skills represented in the Common
    Body Of Knowledge (CBOK) for CSTE, CSQA, CSPM and to provide
    a professional level of competence in software quality assurance,
    software quality control and project management in Monterrey,


  • To encourage software testers, quality analysts and project
    managers in obtaining CSTE, CSQA and CSPM certifications to
    improve quality, productivity, management and customer
    satisfaction in all products and services produced in Monterrey


  • Short-Term Goals:
  • To implement the quality assurance institute developed
    Common Body Of Knowledge (CBOK) for a Certified
    Software Tester (CSTE)  to improve tester's competencies
    in the organization.
  • To implement the Common Body Of Knowledge (CBOK) for
    Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) to improve
    quality processes in the organization.
  • To implement the Common Body Of Knowledge (CBOK) for
    Certified Project Manager (CSPM) to improve management
    processes in the organization.
  • To establish awareness program for certification.
  • To establish training program for certification.
  • To host QAI certifications.
  • Long-Term Goals:
  • To implement a quality management philosophy.
  • To continuously improve existing quality function.
  • To keep motivating people to pursue QAI certifications.
  • To merge a certification program into an existing career


  • Exercise honestly, objectively in the performance of duties and
  • Exhibit loyalty in all matters.
  • Undertake only those services that they can reasonably expect to
    complete with professional competence.
  • Continually strive for improvement in their proficiency, and in the
    effectiveness and quality of the service.
  • Maintain and improve professional competency through continuing
  • Cooperate in the development and interchange of knowledge for
    mutual professional benefit.
  • Maintain high personal standards of moral responsibility,
    character, and business integrity.

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