Good To World Class Organization
Bringing An Organization From
      Good To World Class

This section of the web site is dedicated to show the processes involved
in bringing an organization from good to world class organization.

  • Building the Commitment Needed for a World Class Organization
  • Executive and Middle Management
  • Quality Champion
  • New Behaviours form Management
  • Empowerment of Employees
  • Quality Management Infrastructure
  • Quality Council
  • Management Committees
  • Teams and Work Groups
  • Process Improvement Teams
  • Quality Environment
  • Six Attributes of an Effective Quality Environment
  • Setting the proper tone at the top
  • Code of Ethics and Conducts
  • Open Communications
  • Implementing a Mission, Vision,Goals, Values, and a
    Quality Policy
  • Monitoring Compliance to Organizational Policies and
  • Enforcement of Organizational Policies and Procedures
  • QAI Tactical Approach to Quality Management Process Categories
  • Management
  • People
  • Deliverables
  • Technology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control

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