Softtek - Case Study
Bringing Softtek From Good
   To World Class Testing

The following processes need to be followed in order to become a world
class testing organization, click on any link below to browse the
corresponding processes:
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  • Building the Commitment Needed for a World Class Organization.
  • Quality Management Infrastructure.
  • Quality Environment.
  • QAI Tactical Approach to Quality Management Process Categories.
  • Implementing an IT Quality Function
  • Develop a Charter.
  • Identify the Quality Manager.
  • Locate Organizationally the IT quality function.
  • Build Support for Quality.
  • Initiating

  • Executing
  • Risk analysis
  • Test Execution

  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Softtek Testing Methodology Action Items

  • Staff and train the quality function
  • Build and deploy the quality toolbox
  • Drive the implementation of the quality management

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