Quality Control & Quality Assurance - Best Practices
Best Practices For Software
     Quality Control And
      Quality Assurance

This section of the website is dedicated to software quality assurance and
quality control best practices. Most of these best practices were retrieved
from the CSTE and CSQA study guides.

These best practices are divided into: Quality Control,Quality Assurance,
Miscellaneous, World Class Software Testing Organization, Testing
Conferences, Webinars and Certification Learning Continuum. Click on any
link below to browse the corresponding processes:

Software Quality Control:

  • Software Quality Control Principles

  • Risk Analysis

  • Planning Process

  • Test Design

  • Performing Test

  • Defect Tracking and Management

  • Quantitative Measurement

  • Test Reporting

  • Acceptance Testing

Software Quality Assurance:

  • Quality Principles
  • PowerPoint Presentation - Popular Software Quality
    Assurance Concepts
  • Quality Leadership
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Planning
  • PowerPoint Presentation - Quality Planning
  • Work Processes
  • Quality Control Practices
  • Internal Control and Security

Test Management:

World Class Software Testing Organization:

Testing Conferences:

Certification Learning Continuum


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